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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hans Bølling

Hans Bølling (1931- ) originally attended an Art and Handcraft School to become an advertising designer but decided some years later to study architecture at the Royal Danish Art Academy.

Bølling designed villas, government buildings and apartment complexes, as well as furniture, but he is probably best known for his 1954 design of The Duck and later its offspring the Duckling.

His teak animals and human forms are highly collectible, including Oscar the Dog, The Optimist and The Pessimist. The Mermaid figure, has been re-released by Architectmade.

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Oscar the Dog, 1953

Duck and Duckling, 1959

The Mermaid, 1960

The Optimist and The Pessimist, 1963

Rolling cart

In the following video from 2011, Hans Bølling explains how his animals and human forms came about. - greatdanefurniture

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

West German pottery: Ü-Keramik

Ü-Keramik, also known as Üebelacker Keramik, was started by Johann Üebelacker, a tin maker, in 1909 in the small town of Ransbach-Baumbach and was originally intended to be a metal foundry.

The company began to produce ceramics in the 1950s, most of which were exported to Austria and Scandinavia.  Art director Heinz Hommerich developed a rich red selenium glaze in 1954, the first to be mass produced in Germany. While toxic in very large quantities, selenium is a necessary micronutrient for animals in small amounts.

Ü-Keramik pieces were generally made of white or off-white clay and were usually only marked on the bottom with the form number and height separated by a slash (/), also called a solidus or a virgule. Foil stickers were also used, in addition to a company logo on the bottom on some pieces. The logo had the u-umlaut in a circle, looking very much like the iconic pop culture symbol of the smiley face.  The quality of the pieces ranged from mediocre to excellent. The line is best known for its chimney shapes 

Ü-Keramik went bankrupt in 1990.

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