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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nesting: Kitchen ideas

Just when you thought you were through reading my obsessive posts about planning and building the Modernist Nest (as my previous home was lovingly dubbed by Anita at Fun and VJs), I have embarked on the planning of Nest II.  As I did the first time around, I'm using Pinterest to organize my ideas and keep track of sources and prices, since that proved so effective before. 

This time, I plan to use a combination of nickel and black fixtures and pulls with white cabinets and concrete-colored countertops. I'm still waffling between wood/laminate floors throughout the entire house or dark gray-brown tile floors in the wet areas. The current incarnation of the house plan has no upper cabinets in the kitchen, favoring instead a whole wall of shelving with doors on each end to hide unsightly items like small appliances and canned goods, while leaving a floor-to-ceiling section in the middle open to store/display vintage dishes and glassware.

I'm having even more fun planning Nest II than I did the original apartment, because I'm getting to correct the mistakes I made. For two years, I said, "If I had it to do again, the next time I'd...," and now I'm getting a chance at that do-over.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

House-buying saga: The long move

The last time I posted about our move, we planned to drop our furniture and boxes at the new house and then head out on a short vacation...but you know how plans usually work out.

The owners sent people to pick up the furniture they had used to stage the house, the appraiser came out, TV/internet had to be installed, and my friend's memorial service was scheduled, so we stayed in town. At the beginning of the first week we were here, we had snow and ice on the ground. Then it rained and rained some more, so we haven't done much outside.

Since we're leasing the house till our closing date, we agreed not to hang any pictures (or change out any of the fixtures not to our liking), so we haven't done much inside either. For several days, we were "roughing it," relying on our phones' personal hotspots to connect us to civilization, i.e., email and Netflix. Finally, we got TV and internet service, so we set up a "communal TV" in the living room, with the others sitting unused in the sunroom, but even one hooked-up TV that isn't devouring all our data is appreciated.)

We've been a little short on furniture too. My daughter and SIL are buying new living room furniture, so they only kept a sofa and a coffee table to use till the new pieces arrive. On moving day, we realized that the bolts were stripped on my bed, so it wouldn't break down and wouldn't fit into the bedroom in one piece. As a result, I sold it and ordered another one. In the meantime, I've used an IKEA Expedit and a plastic tote as the base for my mattress. We're nothing if not classy!!!

The grandsons, who will have their own rooms as soon as we build another "modernist nest," are sharing a jack-and-jill bathroom with me for now. The resulting decor is interesting, with my things on one side of the counter and theirs on the other. As it turns out, I'm not only sharing a bathroom with a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old, but with a dinosaur and a shark as well.

In spite of adjusting to being under one roof again, life is good. The wait to unpack all our boxes, settle in and decorate is somewhat disconcerting, but we're all making the best of it. The house is so fantastic that it's worth any inconvenience.

My janky makeshift bed...

...till this one arrives

The dichotomy of sharing a bathroom with boys